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Japan Ninja Council Puts Ninja on the Map

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Seen in many pop culture sources such as video games, cartoons and anime, ninja most certainly don't need a PR campaign. However, a group of governors and mayors hopes to boost the image of ninja around the world by telling the rich legacy and history of these real-life figures.

October 9, 2015 saw the launch of a new project to bring worldwide recognition to ninja. Called the "Japan Ninja Council," or JNC for short, this group of Japanese mayors and governors from all over the country hopes to become an authority on ninja history and culture in order to spread their fascinating lore around the world. Although the site is currently only available in Japanese, the very detailed history of the ninja is almost comprehensible using Google Translate.

The website has an interactive and stylish map with the group's favorite ninja-related locales, such as the famed restaurant Ninja Akasaka in Tokyo. Ninja are known for being stealthy, but JNC hopes you will definitely discover these places of interest!

This amazing live demonstration of ninja fighting techniques, using real weapons, will leave you in awe. This talented group of ninja and kunoichi (female ninja) battle with a wide variety of weapons, including katana, kusarigama (chain sickle), bo (quarterstaff), shuriken (ninja stars) and even a rope!

Stay Tuned for the English Site

Stay Tuned for the English Site

There are plans to have an English version of the site up in the near future, so be sure to check the website from time to time. Their Facebook page is also another place to stay abreast of their progress. And if you'd like to join the JNC's "Ninja Club" and get official updates by mail, you can do so directly by clicking the link below.