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These Ninja Have Infiltrated a City Office!

Ninja Information Services Shoryudo Shiga

As you may (or may not) already know, February 22 is Ninja Day thanks to a Japanese pun—the word for “two” is ni which, as you may have noticed, is how “ninja” starts! So, February 22 is, for the sake of fun and tourism, read as "nin gatsu nin nin nichi" which is simply a mouthful of ni! (We hear Monty Python calling...)

In the week leading up to Ninja Day, public officials in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture began dressing head to toe in full on ninja attire, so a number of TV crews made their way to Koka to video these elusive warriors/city employees in their natural habitat.

In addition to city employees playing dress-up at work, the city held a ninja revival festival on February 21 featuring some ninja-related events, including ninja food.

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