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The port town of Yokohama, in Tokyo’s neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture, is also depicted in a number of beautiful, hand-colored photo postcards.

Theatre Street, Yokohama (1907–1908), the main entertainment district for locals, is one such locale.

100 Stone Steps, Yokohama (1907-1918) paints a beautiful image of old and new Japan, with traditional clothing appearing alongside western fashion and rickshaws operating beneath telegraph poles. At the top of the stone steps sits a tea house which was once the headquarters for Commodore Perry while he was in Japan in 1854.

Motomachi Street, Yokohama (1907–1918). Also known as Motomachi-dori, this street dates back to the opening of Yokohama Port back in 1859, which opened the area up to foreign trade, foreign residents, and signs written in English. Today, Motomachi-dori remains a pleasant, shop-lined street.

Motomachi-dori, Yokohama (1911) shows the same street, only this time with a woman in western dress.

With such a rich and interesting history and culture, we’d love to be able to go back in time and do a little sightseeing along the dusty streets of Japan in fancy kimono. Until we master the laws of time travel, these fascinating postcards will have to keep us entertained!

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