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This Ramen Has a Sweet Treat!

Ramen Sweets Tokyo

Mensho, a small chain of ramen restaurants in Tokyo, is rolling out chocolate ramen for ¥880 from February 1 to 14, 2016.

While Mensho has seven branches, only one, the location near the Yurakucho subway station called Mensho Tokyo, is serving the chocolate ramen.

When this ramen restaurant pioneer says “chocolate ramen,” they don’t mean that the noodles themselves are made out of chocolate. Instead, it’s the broth that’s infused with the confectionery, with solid chunks of chocolate floating in the soup stock, which is a Toyama-style black soy broth.

Instead of nibbling on the chocolate bits, we recommend stirring the chocolate and giving it some time to melt into the broth. This gives the broth a pleasant sweetness as you first take a sip, but still leaves the aftertaste sharp and clean, with no unwanted lingering saturation of your taste buds. It also rewards you with a dessert beverage after you’ve finished all the noodles.

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