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Suave & Debonair—Cosplay with Pokémon Flair!

Pokémon Cosplay Tokyo Odaiba

What makes a good cosplay? The quality of the cosplayer’s materials? How about putting a fun new spin on a familiar character? That’s exactly what these Pokémon cosplayers did at the Comiket 89 convention, showing off the stylish side to some Pokémon that we’ve never seen before, like a dashing Cloyster (left) and an electrifying Magnemite (right).

You can’t expect us to show off a bunch of Pokémon cosplay pictures without the obligatory cute Umbreon.

Is it a girl cosplaying as a Torchic, or a Torchic cosplaying as a girl?

Hey, it’s Pikachu! Everyone loves Pikachu, right? Why are you running away?

What will the Comiket convention hold in store for our favorite Pokemon characters next year? You'll have to visit Tokyo Big Site in Odaiba to find out!

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