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New Year's at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple!

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Going to a temple or shrine at New Year's is a Japanese tradition. Watch as Grace and Ryosuke (as well as special guest Grace's dad!) from Texan in Tokyo take you along on a visit to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple a few days into January.

One thing that's always certain about a Japanese temple around New Year's is that it's going to be crowded! The trio even stumble upon a procession of Buddhist monks with some interesting footwear, then discover plenty of crowds on the way out down Omotesando Street. It's a good idea to go early!

While you're actually technically supposed to visit a shrine and not a temple early in the New Year for hatsumoude, as you can see, many Japanese people don't really care about the distinction and just head to the famous Buddhist or Shinto religious site of their choice.