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Chiba's 3 Craziest Trains

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Chiba is home to some very odd trains and train stations. Here are our three favorites! But watch out: only one of them is around for the long run!

3. The Hair Station

In a rather creative marketing move, hair care company Mesocare Plus has bought the naming rights to a Choshi Electric Railway train station in Chiba, changing it from Kasagami Kurohae to Kaminoke Kurohae. Why? Well, haeru means to sprout hair, and kuro is black, so the original name could already have been read to mean "sprout black hair." So it was easy to change the first part to kami-no-ke, which means hair. The company has even produced a promotional mini-show about the name change and the station. The group sent a beautifully haired correspondent to the station to try out local cuisine and explore the area. Check out the video about hair station above!

The name change isn't permanent, though—Mesocare Plus only has the rights for a year, after which it goes right back to Kasagami.

- (Japanese)

2. The Upside-Down Train

The Chiba Urban Monorail, also referred to as the "upside-down train," looks like a flying train in the skies of Chiba. This monorail is unusual in that the tracks are attacked to the roof of the train, so riders feel like their car is floating. Reputedly the longest suspended monorail system in the world at 15.2 kilometers (9.4 miles) in length, the final section was completed in 1999.

1. The Love Train

1. The Love Train

In the time before Christmas 2015, during the season of romance and goodwill in Japan, the Choshi Electric Railway company has created an over-the-top romantic metro experience. This train car is illuminated on the outside with Christmas lights, looking pretty spectacular at night. The inside features some dimmed mood lighting along with pink and white heart projections on the floor. This changes the typical commute into a romantic journey!