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Alone this Christmas? You Don't Have to Be!

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In Japan, it’s not a proper Christmas Eve without a romantic date and some cake—so unattached anime fans will be thrilled to know that one of the industry’s most popular voice actresses is available for a dessert date this year. The only catch? The date takes place in virtual reality.

Manufacturer Mega House’s BotsNew is a head-mounted VR system that uses a smartphone for its monitor. This year, in order to bring in the holiday season, BotsNew created a date simulation program, Virtual Christmas with Haruka Tomatsu, which stars the 25-year-old voice of such popular anime heroines as Sword Art Online’s sword-swinging Asuna, To Love-Ru’s devilish alien princess Lala, and Cross Game’s fastball-hurling Aoba.

The date simulation package includes a BotsNew headset, the necessary software, and a selection of four cupcakes from Rolls New York. Start up the program and you’ll find yourself alone with Tomatsu, who happily chats and smiles at you. At certain points, she’ll instruct you to say “Aaah” and extends a hand to feed you a bite of your special Christmas sweets.

If you’re interested in virtually asking Miss Tomatsu out, the virtual date package can be ordered here through Yahoo! Shopping Japan for ¥3,854, with shipping scheduled for early December.

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