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Pokémon Christmas Toys

This year good boys and girls can expect a visit from someone very special at Christmas: Pikachu Snowman plushies, plus a whole stocking’s worth of new winter-themed Pokémon goodies!

Known as the Pika Daruma in Japanese (yukidaruma being the word for snowman), the wintry Pocket Monster is available in both male and female Pikachu versions, with the former sporting a scarf and the latter a shawl. The stuffed animals are priced at ¥1,210 (US$10.50) each, while smaller versions on straps go for ¥900.

If you’re looking for something in Pikachu’s traditional yellow, there are also the Christmas Illumination Pikachu plushies, which dress the male and female variants up like Mr. and Mrs. Claus for ¥1,500 (US$13). A Santa stand-in needs a reindeer substitute, too, and that role falls upon the shoulders (and ears) of the Christmas Illumination Eevee stuffed animal (¥1,500).

More into metal than soft fabrics? The Snow Pikachus are also available as charms. Other options include a Pokémon Christmas 2015 pin (¥600) and Christmas Illumination Metal Charm Set (¥960), which gets you six Pokémon in holiday attire.

Feel like decking the halls Pokémon-style? There’s a heart-meltingly cute Pikachu wreath for ¥2,000 (US$17.36), and also a platter for ¥1,530 (US$13.28) that would be perfect for laying out milk and cookies for Saint Nick.

Finally, since it’s better to give than to receive, if you’re wrapping presents for friends why not seal everything up with some decorative Pokémon tape (¥600)?

All of these items, in addition to Christmas Pokémon blankets, foot warmers, and iPhone cases, are available at Pokémon Center shops across Japan.

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