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7 Delightful Christmas Origami Designs

Christmas Origami Stationery

Ori means folding, and gami means paper. Together, these become the paper-folding art of origami. And by folding a single sheet of paper, you can make a cute Christmas ornament without any of the mess of working with scissors and glue! Give it a try yourself with the help of the videos below!

7. Origami Santa Claus

You can go with the traditional red or you can change Santa's clothing color to whatever you like! Why not try using wrapping paper to give him a real fashion statement this year? Just don't forget to draw on the face!

6. Origami Christmas Bell

This bell is particularly cute if you use a small square of origami paper to make it. Then make lots to decorate your tree! The last fold is a challenge, though—you have to make sure the two sides line up exactly or you'll have a funky corner on your bell. But if you can pull this off, you'll have a lovely little ornament!

5. Santa's Origami Boot

Use red paper with a white backing to fold this cute little boot. Then you can even put a little present inside!

4. Origami Christmas Wreath

This one's not as hard as it looks! Just be careful at the end—if the fit isn't exactly right, you'll end up with a wonky circle!

3. Origami Reindeer

Origami looks best when standing—not a problem for a folding master like you! The key point here is the antlers, which are pretty detailed. And don't forget to add a red nose at the end to make one of them Rudolph!

2. Origami Christmas Tree

The leaves are pretty tricky to fold, but if you can pull them off, you'll have an adorable little tree to go with your big one! Then make a bunch of origami trees to create an adorable little Christmas forest!

1. Origami Treetop Star

You need a star for the top of your tree, right? The hard part is lining up all the various parts at the end. But if you can do it, you'll have a great way to top your tree!