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Ticket Holders React to Olympics Announcement

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Tokyo Olympic ticket holders abroad have expressed understanding over Japan’s plan not to allow spectators from overseas to come take in the competition at venues.

This man is the partner of Dutch rower Ilse Paulis, who won the gold medal in lightweight double culls at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He has been planning to visit Japan with family during the Tokyo Games this summer and watch Paulis compete.

"I know that it’s super challenging. And for me the highest priority is that Ilse, my partner, is able to compete because for these athletes it’s been at least five years of preparation."

This man who lives in Britain bought 19 tickets to the Tokyo Olympics. He has been planning to stay in Japan for about a month and also do some sightseeing around the country.

"If it’s no, I’ll watch on the telly. And then I’ll come and do Japan properly, a couple years’ time, and visit it for the first and last time probably."

Japan is discussing the issue of whether to accept spectators from abroad with the International Olympic Committee and other stakeholders from the standpoint of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

They are expected to reach a conclusion by the end of March.