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Bishounen App Lets You Bulk Up Boys with Love

A new Japanese app allows your boyfriend's muscles to grow along with your love for each other.

Hot Gear from the 2014 Good Design Awards

Every year since 1957, Japan’s Good Design Awards have honored products that are designed in such a way to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Japan Sports Agency Commissioner Daichi Suzuki

Highlighting Japan spoke with the commissioner of the newly-formed agency about the development of sports policy in Japan.

Fresh Accumulation at Japan's Top Snow Site

SnowJapan is greeting the 2015/2016 season with a sprawling travel section upgrade.

Tokyo to Mount Fuji Bicycle Tour

If climbing this enormous volcano isn’t for you, why not bike around it instead?

Japanese Schoolgirl Ninja Parkour

Urban parkour videos are nothing new, but this one took us by surprise with its kickass/kawaii protagonists and nod to the ancient martial art of ninjutsu!

Mao Asada Goes Kung-fu Against the Common Cold

Japan's darling figure skating champion faces herself in a Matrix-style rumble for cold medicine.

Sporting Nation

The October 2015 issue of Highlighting Japan examines the history and evolution of sports in Japan, running the gamut from Paralympians and FIFA soccer referees to sumo wrestlers and modern practitioners of ninjutsu.

Breaking Olympic Records with Prosthetic Limbs

Ken Endo returned to Japan in 2012 after researching robotic prosthetics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He now aims to help a Paralympic sprinter shatter the Olympic speed record.

Creepy, Crawly... Human Caterpillars?

Inch your way across the court in Caterpillar Rugby, a game that allows people with physical disabilities to participate on the same level as able-bodied people.