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Sharpen Your Look With Damascus Steel Watches

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The strap is styled after the hilts of Japanese katana, and comes in two flavors: braided or stingray leather. Braided ones have no set holes, allowing wearers to adjust tightness on the fly for a comfortable fit.

Braided straps are available in black, red, blue and olive.

Stingray leather is durable and difficult to work with, yet maintains exceptional suppleness and is rather expensive. The luxurious stingray leather strap comes in black, orange, turquoise blue and burgundy.

Whether it’s the visual appeal of braided strap (¥38,586, US$342.85)…

…or the finished look of stingray leather (¥50,544), these will certainly bring out the inner samurai in you.

Damascus Watch Nobunaga can be purchased online here.

The amount of work and detail that goes into these top-quality timepieces is just staggering. Not only will you be wearing a part of Japanese sword history on your wrist, the purchase also comes with the fact that you’re helping preserve Seki’s 700-year tradition. Seeing that the city has pumped out incredible stuff like awesome samurai scissors, it’s definitely a cause worth supporting.

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