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4 Shoes Your Inner Ninja Will be Dying to Get

Ninja Shopping Fashion

Anyone can roam the streets now as a shadow warrior thanks to international and home-grown brands that have adapted the split-toed boots of the ninjas, jika-tabi. Check out some awesome kicks available below!

Assaboots S-Time 15 (¥16,200/US$145)

Designed by Marugo, a Japanese company based in Okayama Prefecture, these rubber-soled boots contain uppers made from colorful cotton and a beautiful lining inside that resembles traditional kimono fabrics.

TabiRela (¥8,640/US$77)

For sunny days on the beach, Marugo has a range of unique split-toed espadrilles.

Running Tabi Muteki Black (¥5,400/$48)

For keen runners, Saitama-based company Kineya Muteki has produced a lineup of tabi running shoes, all hand-stitched with a thin, 5-centimeter (2-inch) thick rubber sole to create the sense of running barefoot with minimal cushioning.

Nike Air Rift (¥9,720 yen/US$87)

Not wanting to be left behind, this 2015 model from Nike comes in four different colors and is designed to recreate the experience of running barefoot.

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