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5 Must-Buy Omiyage at Tokyo Haneda Airport

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Forgot to pick up some omiyage (souvenirs) while visiting Tokyo? Haneda Airport could be the best place to do your shopping, with a variety of great, limited-edition items that are not available elsewhere.

5. Oekaki Macarons by Anniversary

If you want to buy sweets for kids, or anyone who appreciates cute food, definitely consider Oekaki Macarons (macarons with drawings). This selection of designs, many based on iconic Tokyo sites such as Tokyo Skytree, can only be found at Haneda Airport. Can you identify all the motifs?

Available at: Pier, Captains’ Market, Smile Tokyo

4. La Ganache by Shiseido Parlour

If you're a chocolate-lover, these sweets are a must-try. While La Ganache is already well-known as one of Tokyo's must-buy omiyage items, the classy design on the box, along with the strawberry and café au lait flavors, are only available at Haneda Airport.

Available at: Tokyo Food Products Gate, Pier, Captains’ Market

3. Honig Apfelbaum by Karl Juchheim

Honig Apfelbaum, or “honey apple cake,” is definitely not like your typical baumkuchen (a type of German spit cake) found in Japan. In general, baumkuchen are a very popular confection and can be purchased at many places, including convenience stores and supermarkets.

This one, however, is a bit more surprising. As the name states, this cake is all about the apple! One whole apple is used to make a sweet compote filling, while the shape of the cake is reminiscent of its namesake fruit. If you want to try this particular baumkuchen, you'll have to head to Haneda Airport.

Available at: Tokusen Yogashi-kan, the Food Plaza

2. Okaki Rice Crackers by Agemochi-ya

Not a big fan of sweets? No worries. Okaki Rice Crackers by this Azabu-Juban-based store will satisfy your craving for something savory just fine. They boast more than 40 flavors of rice crackers in their lineup, so you'll find one for every mood you have before or after flying.

The above sets contains four flavors, which include salt, tomato & basil, Camembert cheese, and shibazuke (a kind of pickle flavored with red perilla leaves), plus a bonus bag of vegetable chips.

Available at: Terminal 2 Gate Lounge

- (Japanese)

1. Haneda Roll by Arnico

Produced by Arnico, a confectioner that specializes in a variety of roll cakes, the Haneda Roll is a limited-edition cake unavailable outside Haneda Airport—which, to be honest, would clash with its name if it were.

This springy white cake is filled with sour-cream-flavored cream and orange peels, with the frosting drizzled on top symbolizing a cloud floating in the heavens. As described on the official website, the Haneda Roll looks like a white cloud with glints of sun shimmering through, represented by the orange peels. The finished product is a refreshing, delicately flavored cake we know you'll love!

Available at: Blue Sky Gate Shops No. 7, 9, 14, 15 and 22

- (Japanese)