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5 Skin Care Products Japanese Celebrities Love

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Why is it that celebrities seem to have few skin troubles such as such as dry skin, blemishes and wrinkles? Why does their skin always looks beautiful, even though it must be undergoing a lot of damage every day from lights and heavy makeup? This is what some celebrities are doing to take care of their skin, as told on their blogs!

5. Junko Maeda — Rice Force

Known for her soft and flexible knit wardrobes, Junko Maeda is a regular at Paris and Tokyo Fashion Weeks.

"The Rice Force brand makes all its products from rice bran. I had always had dry skin trouble, regardless of the season, until a makeup artist recently told me about this brand. Even my mom has started using it after seeing how it works on me."

4. Yuko Ogura — Estenad Sonic Momo Facial Care Device

Yuko Ogura is a Japanese gravure idol and model, perhaps best known abroad for the song "Onna no Ko ♡ Otoko no Ko" ("Girls ♡ Boys"), which was featured as the ending theme of the 2005 anime series School Rumble. In 2010, she was named among the "7 most irresistibly cute Japanese idols" by the Thai version of FHM magazine.

"Five minutes a day is enough, which makes this device ideal for busy moms. I use it after my son goes to sleep, or during a short break while I'm watching him. It's very easy to use, and you really feel how the gel penetrates your skin just by using the facial care device."

3. Yukina Kinoshita — LuLuLun Face Masks

Yukina Kinoshita is a model, singer and actress who got her start as a lingerie model in 2007, though she's best known now as an o-baka tarento (celebrity dunce) on Japanese TV.

"I highly recommend these, to the point that I've given some to all of my managers and told them to use them! They're just perfect for busy girls!"

2. Saeko — MaNara Hot Cleansing Gel

Saeko is a model and actress married to major-league pitcher Yu Darvish. In 2010, she was voted Baseball's Hottest Wife on Fantasy Baseball Dugout.

"It has a fresh grapefruit fragrance, and it gets warm when applied to the skin. You can feel how it opens up the pores to remove dirt, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, full and moisturized after cleansing."

1. Yu Yamada — Bio-Oil

Yu Yamada is a an actress, model and singer who's been a frequent feature on Japanese TV dramas since 2001. She's married to Shun Oguri, who got his breakthrough by playing Hanazawa Rui in the live-action version of Hana Yori Dango in 2005.

"I was using this to moisturize my skin, but then I found out that it's also supposed to help with scars, stretch marks, preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, decreasing pigmentation, and small wrinkles caused by dryness! I do feel like the blemishes I had on my arms, caused by sun tanning, have indeed faded!"