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TsuShiMaMiRe's 'Abandon Human' is Relentless

With heavy fuzz filters locked firmly on max, provocative imagery and lyrics prove the band’s clever intelligence is still a powerful ingredient in its punk persona.

A J-Punk/Metal Ode to Noodles

CANTOY penned the track Tenkaippin to describe the life-affirming qualities of the band's favorite noodle chain.

BRADIO Bring Funky Beats to 'Peeping Life TV'

Funky J-rock band BRADIO are back with the release of their 3rd single and second official anime opening theme song.

5 Reasons Why Karaoke is a Great Spot to Study

With cafés crowded and homes small, what better than a catered, private box for assembling your study group?

Namie Amuro & Hatsune Miku Meet in Neo Tokyo

"B Who I Want 2 B feat. Hatsune Miku" uses various animation techniques to explore the themes and settings of "Urban," "Game" and "Fashion."

An Interview with Band-Maid

Since the launch of their music video 'Thrill' in late 2014, Band-Maid have been turning heads with their heavy sound and the inevitable reaction, 'Are these cute girls really playing?'

Japan Votes for its 100 Best World-class Songs

10,000 people were asked what they thought were Japan’s most world-class songs. The final list left many netizens scratching their heads.

VAMPS Prize Sound Quality Over Bad-boy Image

Veteran rockers expound on international touring and working with Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx.

Otsuka Ai Gives You 3 Minutes for Ramen

Otsuka Ai is best known for her 2003 bubblegum-pop track "Sakuranbo," which spent a staggering 103 weeks on the Top 200 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart.