All About Japan

Official Japanese Ghostbusters Theme

Ever wonder what the Ghostbusters theme would sound like in Japanese? Sony got comediennes Yukiko Tomochika, Oniyakko Tsubaki, Naomi Watanabe and Shizuyo Yamasaki into full Ghostbuster gear to show us!

8-Bit Cinema's Princess Mononoke

Classic Ghibli reproduced in 8-bit glory!

Fists of Absinthe Coming to TBS Digital

Absinthe, sneakers, swords, ninjas, and a whole lot of intentionally over-descriptive subtitles. Think Quentin Tarantino, minus the blood and F-bombs.

From English Teacher on Up

What can you do after teaching English in Japan? We highlight 10 unique individuals who were able to transition from the classroom to television, stage, sword arts, professional blogs and the silver screen!

Laugh Your Way to Linguistic Enlightenment

Canadian rakugo sensation Katsura Sunshine offers a brilliant breakdown of some of the key quibbles of the Japanese language.

Artist Duo Turns Japanese Puns into Art

'Dajare' is a form of Japanese wordplay, much like a pun, that relies on similar-sounding words to form the joke. Thanks to two artists, you can see some of these puns in groan-worthy visual form!

Automated Instant Ramen Is (Not) A Reality

We’ve got automated hot water dispensers, ice makers, coffee machines and soda fountains. So why not an automated instant ramen maker, complete with onions, carrots and a choice of hard- or soft-boiled egg?

47 Reasons Why Japanese Makes No Sense

Canadian rakugo comedian Katsura Sunshine riffs on some of the more ridiculous points of the Japanese language—including, in particular, the 47 ways he knows how to say "Thank you."

5 Ways Ramen Rocks the Urban Dictionary

Quite possibly one of the most economical meals on the planet, ramen’s presence has seeped its way into modern English slang.

Smartphone Samurai Get Picked Off by Ninja

NTT Docomo's smartphone safety video warns that texting while walking may make you vulnerable to ambush.

And You Thought Kyary Was Weird!

Hamada Bamyu Bamyu is a comedy act parodying Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu. His first single is appropriately entitled, "What the heck?"

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