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Now You Can Stay in Arata Endo's 1928 Villa

Accommodation Design Kanagawa Kanto

Frank Lloyd Wright first arrived in Japan in 1917 and that same year he met Arata Endo, 27 years old at the time and fresh off the team working on plans to construct Meiji Shrine. The two architects bonded and Endo would go on to become Wright’s primary protégé, overseeing many of Wright’s projects in Japan after he left the country. Although never fully emerging from the shadows of Wright, Endo would go on to construct several of his own projects and in recent years there has been a movement to rediscover the work of Endo. One of those is the Kaji Villa in Hayama, completed in 1928 and significant in that Endo designed not only the home but the lighting and furniture as well.

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