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Ex-SMAP Star Plays Trans Role in New Trailer

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Eiji Uchida’s new film Midnight Swan released its latest trailer on September 9, and the internet has rapidly lit up with passionate discussions about not only the movie but the trailer itself. The cinematic trailer, clocking in at well over 15 minutes and billed as “the world’s longest”, has plenty of room with which to paint the story in rich detail and introduce the two leading ladies, as well as the actor and actress portraying them.

The movie’s story follows Nagisa, played by former SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. Initially from Hiroshima, Nagisa now lives in Shinjuku in Tokyo and has transitioned to living as a woman…but her day-to-day life is shaken up when a distant relative, neglected teenager Ichika, comes to stay with her.

The shots that follow show Ichika getting used to life in Nagisa’s apartment, being introduced to her friends — many of whom are other trans women — and learning her way around the neighborhood. When she happens upon a dance studio, Ichika is instantly captivated…and despite rocky relations with Nagisa both at home and when she brings her to meet her teachers, Ichika finds the courage to borrow the older woman’s tutu and practice some dance steps at the apartment.

Watch the full clip above to learn more of what happens with Nagisa and Ichika, or head to SoraNews24 by clicking here to get the full English rundown of the trailer.

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