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Akihabara's New Wall of 150 Gachapon Machines

Otaku Tokyo Akihabara

For fans of the miniature capsule toy-dispensing gachapon vending machines, Kenelstand is your new best friend. Wall-to-wall gachapon vending machines filled with fun, whimsical and sometimes surreal miniature toys have recently popped up at train stations around Tokyo.

Branded as “Kenelestand” and designed by Akira Mabuchi, the wall-to-wall gachapon boast a sleek, black facade with scattered illuminated squares highlighting the current selection of toys. But these are not your typical toy cars or trains. Geared more towards grownups, the rotating selection includes whimsical toys like miniature designer furniture from Tendo Mokko, miniature kissaten foods, miniature Japanese kitchen tools, as well as animal versions of the Manneken Pis, the statue of the naked urinating boy.

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