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Minecraft Meets Ghibli

Gaming Ghibli

One Minecrafter has been setting his sights on the world of Studio Ghibli, and the results are so magical they would surely get the approval of any of the staff at the acclaimed animation studio.

YouTuber and Minecraft pro Pero recently released this video showing the Toxic Jungle and a terrifying Ohmu from Nausciaä of the Valley of the Wind. Paired with the music from the movie, it may take you by surprise at how alive and real the scene feels. You almost expect the Ohmu’s eyes to suddenly turn red and for it to come crashing forward. Fellow builders have given Pero high praise for how seamless and beautiful his work is.

Pero has made other worlds from the works of Studio Ghibli, including Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro.

He even created the great Nightwalker from Princess Mononoke.

There are still plenty more Ghibli worlds that Pero can create! And as long as he puts the same amount of care and effort into them, we definitely want to see them made. Keep stacking those blocks, Pero!

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