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Take a Virtual Tour 'Beyond Tokyo'

Stay Home AR/VR Tokyo Kanto

Amid continued travel restrictions and pleas to stay at home to help combat the COVID-19 epidemic around the globe, we figured our readers would be hungry for any way to enjoy Japan from overseas. ANA and collaborating tech firms came up with a unique way for people abroad to enjoy one of Tokyo's most popular neighborhoods—Shibuya!

As seen in the video above, Beyond Tokyo is a unique VR experience developed by ANA for their Viveport platform in conjunction with tech firm World Innovation Lab, and the San Francisco-based VR developers The Soap Collective. It was originally created in 2018 to pay homage to Hachiko, the legendarily loyal shiba inu immortalized with a statue outside of Shibuya Station.

According to their website, Beyond Tokyo allows users to "Explore an immersive environment that showcases different points of interest with photos, 360 videos, audio narration, and interactive storytelling."

"Experience the hustle and bustle of the famous Shibuya Crossing, a visit to an izakaya restaurant where locals unwind, “fishing” in Shibuya, the renowned fashion culture in Harajuku, the importance of spirituality in daily lives, the story of Japan’s most loyal dog "Hachiko", and even some quirky urban legends of the area."

"It is a family-friendly experience for all ages and for anyone interested in traveling to Japan or learning more about Japanese culture."

If that sounds like something that would pique your interest, check out the Beyond Tokyo website and find out how to start enjoying the bustling streets of Shibuya from the comfort of your own home today!