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Monk Covers Marley with Buddhist Instruments

Buddhism Music Video Stay Home

These are emotionally trying times. With the coronavirus pandemic lasting longer than many people expected, the only thing most of us can do is stay home to try to halt the spread of infection. However, sheltering in place feels frustrating similar to doing nothing, and the combined psychological effects of helplessness and isolation are taking a toll on many people’s mental state.

At times like this, spiritual leaders can be a source of strength, and one such figure who’s stepping up is Eishin, a Buddhist monk in Akita Prefecture, located in Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region. In a special video message posted to his Twitter account, Eishin reminds everyone that as bleak as things might feel right now, eventually, they’re going to get better.

However, he doesn’t deliver this message through solemn sutras or stoic meditation, but by single-handedly covering Bob Marley’s reggae classic “Three Little Birds,” the chorus of which says (and Eishin sings): “Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing gonna be all right.”

Head over to SoraNews24 for the full story and even more from the musical monk.

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