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Red Cross Releases Video to Reduce Virus Fears

Video Stay Home

In this information age, it can be frustrating when the news comes faster and more frequently than the events themselves can occur. We can expect a vaccine in roughly a year, one-month lockdowns are optimistic, and the ramifications of what’s happening now will linger for quite some time.

And yet there is a constant stream of repeated reminders. Viruses can be disinfected and avoided, but the environment created by this unstoppable flow of information introduces a whole other threat, so the Japanese Red Cross has created a video reminding us to keep things in perspective, something that’s just as important to our health as washing our hands and social distancing.

The video explains that along with the virus comes a plague of fear that infects our minds. This fear is fed by misinformation and negative news and can grow into mistrust and paranoia, which can bring a whole new set of problems and even make us more vulnerable to the virus.

But just as proper hygiene can greatly reduce our chances of getting infected with COVID-19, proper media consumption, research, and critical thinking can help keep fear at bay. The video also outlines ways to maintain a clear mind such as accepting that certain things are uncertain and keeping in touch with your own emotions.

The message was received loud and clear by those watching the video, but many wonder if it’s getting through to enough people out there.

“Watching this video made me feel better. It’s probably just as important as washing your hands.”
“I hope more people get this message.”
“Don’t feed your fear and give in to people trying to provoke you.”
“This message is important at all times, not just now.”
“‘Nobody can confirm what is not proven yet. Leave uncertain things the way they are.'”
“If you’re going to spread something, make it this video.”
“That’s a very calm and responsible announcement. I wish we had more of those.”

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