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Tokyo in 360-Degree Spherical Time-Lapse

Video Darwinfish105 Yokohama Tokyo Greater Tokyo Kanto

With his remarkable time-lapse video work, YouTuber Darwinfish105 has been on our radar for some time. This time the innovative videographer takes a Ricoh Theta S to various sites in Tokyo and Yokohama to get a 360-degree spherical time-lapse view of some delightful sights in the metropolitan area.

Major landmarks on this hypnotic tour include the National Diet Building, Minato Mirai 21 in Yokohama, winter illumination in Tokyo's Omotesando area, night and day tours of Tokyo Bay, and even a view of the Yamanote and Keihin Tohoku Line platform at Tokyo Station.

If you're hooked, you can check out more from darwinfish 105 at Akihabara News below!

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