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2019 Ranking of Japan's Rudest Train Behaviors

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Every year around this time, commuters on trains operated by the member companies of the Japan Private Railway Association participate in an annual survey to determine the most aggravating behaviors observed on trains and at stations over the past 12 months. This year’s edition was released on December 19 and features similar but different answers from the AirTrip ranking that came out this past summer. Pay attention if you’ll be visiting Japan soon for a guide of what NOT to do when you’re in transit!

10. Applying makeup on the train
Some people are genuinely worried about eye shadow or other pigments staining their clothing, but there’s also something just intrinsically awkward about sitting next to someone who’s performing a grooming routine in an enclosed public space.

9. Riding while drunk
Neither passengers nor station staff like to deal with drunks at the end of a long day, especially when they begin pulling ridiculous hijinks like this.

8. Leaving trash and empty cans behind
In a society routinely praised for picking up after themselves, there are still bound to be those who just don’t care. Do your part by carrying your garbage off the train with you.

7. Sound leaking from headphones
We’ve all been around someone who, whether conscious of it or not, was playing their music so loudly that it seeped out for the rest of the world to hear. Hearing second-hand music can be so aggravating for some that one man was compelled to resort to violence on a train platform in Japan this past June.

6. Coughing or sneezing with no regard for surroundings
This one is completely new to the list this year. While face masks are a common sight in Japan to prevent the spread of germs, it seems that a certain subset of the population isn’t choosing to use the crook of their arm when they feel a tickle creeping up on them inside a crowded train.

For the Top 5 results, head over to SoraNews24 and learn the most annoying behaviors as voted on by Japanese passengers. And let us know if you think these behaviors are indeed greatly trespassing on other commuters' comforts or simply minor inconveniences.

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