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In April this year, the Ministry of Finance revealed new designs for the Japanese yen –scheduled to go into circulation in 2024 featuring an image of Tokyo Station and the Great Wave off Kanagawa, as painted by ukiyo-e woodblock master Hokusai.

The redesign prompted Japanese illustrator and manga artist Ponkichi to come up with an alternative banknote of his own, featuring a widely beloved Japanese icon: the Shiba Inu.

Ponkichi’s ¥1,000 (US$9.31) note design became so popular it got its own range of merchandise, and now the artist is back with another cute currency, this time with a ¥500 creation.

Japan doesn’t actually have a ¥500 note, as the country’s banknotes start at ¥1,000. However, if we were to switch from today’s ¥500 coin to a ¥500 note, Ponkichi’s design would be hard to beat, with not one, but five Mame Shiba Inu pups gracing its surface.

Once again, Ponkichi’s doge yen idea has gone viral, and now it’s been given its own merchandise line too, featuring everything from stationery to towels and even a wallet and smartphone case. Let’s take a look at the range below.

There’s the Mame Shiba Banknote Full Colour Memo Notepad for ¥528.

The Wan Wan (woof woof) Set Ticket Case (in Mame Shiba and Shiba Inu designs) for ¥770.

The Mame Shiba Banknote Synthetic Leather Keyholder for ¥770.

The Mame Shiba Banknote Pass Case for ¥1,595.

The Mame Shiba Banknote Change Purse for ¥1,870.

The Mame Shiba Banknote Face Towel for ¥2,200.

The Mame Shiba Banknote Wallet for ¥3,278.

And the Mame Shiba Banknote Smartphone Case (in medium/large size) for ¥3,520.

The new Mame Shiba Banknote merchandise can be purchased from the FurBaby Space Factory online store, and is also available from other online shopping sites like Amazon Japan.

We’d love to see these banknotes turned into real currency in the future, not only because they’re so adorable, but because we really want to buy a sweet potato from this Shiba Inu by handing him a note with his face on it!

Source, Images: FurBaby

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