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'Eye-Popping' 3-D Manga

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Another 3-D manga artist has emerged! One of the artists for popular light novel and manga series Gosick posted these amazing popup-style drawings on Twitter recently, where they were immediately shared hundreds of times by impressed otaku. Using just pencil, paper, and an open book they’ve been able to bring the characters into the 3-D world with some clever techniques.

Gosick is a historical drama/mystery light novel by Kazuki Sakuraba that ran between 2003 and 2011, and also had a manga and anime adaptation. Hinata Takeda is responsible for the gorgeous cover illustrations of the original light novels, while Amano Sakuya illustrated the manga version.

To promote the complete set of the manga, Sakuya has made these beautiful 3-D-style pencil drawings of characters from the series. They’re drawn in such a way that when propped up by a book they appear three-dimensional.

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