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You Ain't Never Heard 'Aladdin' Like This!

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Disney’s live-action adaption of the classic Aladdin has become quite a hit in Japan, and fans just cannot get enough of its fairy tale story of love, friendship and adventure brought to life by unforgettable characters. Not to mention the amazing soundtrack that has become one of the most memorable throughout Disney’s history.

Who could ever forget the catchy song "Friend Like Me," played when the main protagonist, Aladdin, first encounters the wish-granting Genie?

What’s even better is that Disney recently produced a new music video of the Japanese version of "Friend Like Me," but instead of inserting clips from the actual live-action movie, the world-famous company organized a spectacular performance delivered by members of Tomioka High School’s dance club and Kyoto Meitoku High School’s marching band. You can check out these students from Osaka and Kyoto respectively by clicking on the video above, as well as read the full article at SoraNews24 here. You'll be spellbound by their captivating performance!

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