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An Avant Garde Twist on Traditional Culture

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In the world of Japanese snacks there are kashi, and dagashi. The latter are the cheaper, penny candies; beloved snacks bought with pocket change. Dagashi is derived from the Japanese words da (駄, "futile"). Japanese art duo Gendai Bijutsu Nitouhey create dagashi of the art world—what they call, dabijutsu.

Always full of inside jokes, Shane Kagotani and Katsuhito Fujiwara, the two artists behind Gendai Bijutsu Nitouhey, have been making their humorous art for an astounding 25 years. So it’s understandable that they’ve amassed quite a portfolio of sculptures, paintings and objects. A retrospective of their work was on display recently in Kanazawa at the Shiinoki Cultural Complex. Titled Dabijyutsu Hyakumangoku, the title borrows from an annual local festival that celebrates rice production and references the sheer volume of artwork that could be counted in measurements for rice.

Where the duo particularly excels is taking pre-existing elements of Japanese culture and remixing them in imaginative ways that make you stare, think for a moment and then chuckle.

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