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There's a New Drummer Girl in Town

Music Video

Teenage drummer Senri Kawaguchi, famous for her enthusiastic YouTube videos, appears in a stunning new video for the Japan National Football Team!

As you may have noticed, if you can take your eyes away from the teen’s drumsticks or the giant grin she breaks into halfway through the video, Senri is wearing the team’s newest uniform. We have no idea how the next World Cup will go, of course, but we can’t help thinking that the Japan National Football Team will stand a good chance of going all the way if they can just learn how to channel their inner Senri Kawaguchi!

But you can feel free to enjoy her music even if you’re not on the Japan National Football Team. Above is a video of Senri tearing it up in August, when she performed at Rock Au Chateau in France.

And here’s the drummer performing at Craftsman Drum-off 2015.

Now, if we were on Japan’s national team, we’re pretty sure we’d be pumped enough to play our feet off! As it is, we’re not even sure we’d be able to make contact with the ball, but we’re still pumped!

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