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47 Reasons Why Japanese Makes No Sense

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In the video above, the hilarious Canadian rakugo comedian Katsura Sunshine riffs on some of the more ridiculous points of the Japanese language—including, in particular, the 47 ways he knows how to say "Thank you."

When he was taken in by Kamigata Rakugo Association President Katsura Sanshi back in 2008, Sunshine was known as Gregory Robic. As per tradition, he was granted a part of his master’s stage name as his own, thus becoming forevermore Katsura Sunshine.

When he completed his apprenticeship three years later, Sunshine became the first foreign-born professional rakugoka in nearly a century, and the first ever non-Japanese to be trained in Osaka’s kamigata style. Read on to learn more about Sunshine's incredible story and the amazing art of rakugo!

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