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8 Floors for Period Pics

| Photography , Asakusa

If you’ve ever wanted to turn back time and step into the clothes of a well-dressed geisha, a pipe-smoking courtesan or a sword-wielding samurai warrior, we’ve found the perfect place for you!

Located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Studio Nanairo offers customers a wide range of settings and photographic options, and is so large it’s spread out over eight floors of a high-rise building. For the ladies, you can choose from geisha, maiko and oiran (courtesan) packages, and for the men, you can fulfill your fantasy of dressing like a samurai with their samurai package.

Located close to the famous Senso-ji shrine in Asakusa, Studio Nanairo is the perfect place to pop by to create a personal souvenir you won’t get anywhere else. With several packages on offer, be sure to visit their website to check out all the details!

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