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Who Will Win in an Epic Manga Character Brawl?

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Manga magazine Shonen Jump boasts an impressive lineup of action-packed series' that have left readers thirsting for more for decades. Now, iconic characters from Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball will be featured in an epic fighting crossover appropriately titled Jump Force.

Never before has there been a roster as awesome as this, with characters who fire crackling balls of energy, summon a monstrous nine-tailed fox and pummel adversaries with stretchy limbs!

As heroes and villains slug it out in beautifully-crafted arenas, characters can be ejected out of one battlefield and into the next when hit by particularly strong attacks.

Jump Force is still in early development, but it's scheduled for release in 2019.

The entire roster also hasn’t been announced yet, but judging from the end of the reveal trailer, perhaps fans can look forward to Light Yagami from Death Note joining the fray. Throw in some other Shonen Jump heavyweights like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin or Gintama and it’ll be a fighting game like none other!

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