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Rent-a-Cat Rooms at This Ryokan are Purrfect!

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Most people understand the basic setup of a cat café—you pay your fee and get to sit in a room with various fluffy feline friends. However, twitter user @mituyasann has stumbled across a cat café that doubles up as a cat hotel.

She posted plenty of gorgeous photos of her rambunctious roommate, and described the process of the inn with more detail for her rapidly growing audience. Her post above reads:

“This Saturday I took a trip to Hakone to wash away all the fatigue I piled up working through April.

I stayed in the best place ever—an inn in Yugawara that comes with a (rental) cat! I can’t keep one at home but I adore cats. I was in fountains of tears the whole time.”

She continues by saying:

“So you start at the cat café, where you can point out which cat you’d like to stay with. The second I saw this cute little Tsuchinoko, my mind was made up.”

The Tsuchinoko is a mythological Japanese snake. Pudgy and small, it has an engorged central portion which makes it look even pudgier. That photo really shows off the resemblance!

But how did things work out when she actually moved in with Kai-kun for her stay?

She goes on to say:

“They said it was likely he would ignore me, but that didn’t happen at all! He climbed on my lap, crept into my futon and basically acted as hyper as a little kitten. (So…happy…)”

Her story had other feline fans caterwauling to know more about this amazing Hakone inn, and so she linked to the establishment—My Cat (written charmingly in hiragana: まいきゃっと, maikyatto) . And with a glowing review like hers, she undoubtedly guaranteed the inn weeks of fully-booked rooms in the process.

The inn's reservation page comes with a litany of reviews from similarly satisfied customers, who were delighted to have the bonus of a little furry friend to greet them every time they came back to their room. It’s not hard to see why! Aside from the obvious attraction, My Cat also offers free parking, free Wi-Fi and the ability to pay by credit card.

Our helpful Twitter guide signed off by providing some more shots of the tranquil surrounding scenery:

“Obviously this place is the best because you can stay with a cat! But you can also just open a window and immediately look out at the ocean, and even smell the briny air. It’s a perfect location at this time of year.”

If there are any cat lovers looking for a place to stay in Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture, you definitely don't want to miss the opportunity to stay at My Cat—just be sure to click on the full story below from SoraNews24 to find the address and location of this adorable, one-of-a-kind Japanese inn.

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