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Rain Turns Tokyo Disneyland into Wonderland

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Everyone’s experienced the gut-wrenching disappointment of rain ruining their long-awaited vacation plans. While it might be easy to write off such a day as a failure, some recent photos snapped at Tokyo Disneyland prove that life always has a silver lining.

Twitter user @kah05disney—who happens to have an annual passport to the Tokyo Disney Resorts—visited Disneyland the second week of May, 2018, and happened to capture some of the most breathtaking nighttime scenery we’ve ever seen with her trusty Nikon D750!

The reflections of the buildings and lights on the wet ground make for a truly magical combination at the Magic Kingdom. In fact, dare we say that we hope it rains the next time we venture over?

It’s clear that @kah05disney has a penchant for both photography and Disney, as plenty of her photos illustrate.

What fun and interesting effects!

Incidentally, Tokyo Disneyland celebrated its 35th anniversary on April 15, 2018, which means visitors can enjoy a special anniversary celebration called “Happiest Celebration!” until March 25, 2019. Mark your calendars and don’t worry if the forecast predicts rain—you just might be in for a rare treat instead.

Read the full article at SoraNews24 via the link below.

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