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10 Japanese Brands You Need to Know

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From clothes to smudge-proof cosmetics, and accessories to high-quality supplements, Japan offers them in abundance. While there are pricier brands that definitely deserve attention like Yohji Yamamoto or Tsumori Chisato, you can definitely enjoy shopping without maxing out your credit card. Discover our top 10 Japanese goods with universal appeal!

10. Snag a New Handy Bag from Anello

These pretty carry-all bags are available as totes and backpacks, and have been making the rounds on Instagram. Some designs are sleek and minimalist, while some others boast bold splashes of color. From teens to young professionals, this is the must-have bag in Japan right now. Whatever your style or personality, there's definitely a stylish bag waiting for you in an Anello shop.

9. Stand Out with Onitsuka Kicks

If there's one shoe brand that represents Japan, we think it is Onitsuka. The makers behind these iconic shoes, Asics Corporation, know everything there is to know about foot anatomy and the value of comfort, while still keeping their shoes on trend with Japanese fashion. If you decide to get a pair of these sleek sneakers, you will see that you don't need to sacrifice comfort to be fashionable and quickly see why this brand has gained fans and fame.

8. Have a Heart for Comme des Garcons

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Walking around the streets of Tokyo, you are sure to see shirts, bags, and sneakers featuring cute red hearts, the iconic mark of Japanese fashion label Comme des Garcons. Their street wear line "Play" is very popular, even outshining the fashion-forward designs featured in their Tokyo and Paris shops. French-sounding name and Japanese quality—a sure bet for a fashion must-have, right?

7. Get Your Hands on Every Asian's Favorite Beauty Tools

Japanese people take fashion and beauty very seriously. So, if you are looking for top-quality cosmetics to hoard for yourself or bring home for your friends and family, K-Pallette is a Japanese cosmetics brand that needs to be on your list. The company first took the local makeup world by storm with its long-lasting eyeliners. The news quickly spread, and now across Asia makeup fans of all ages rave about K-Pallette's concealer, smudge-proof cheek tint and 24-hour brow pencils.

6. Invest in Health and Beauty with Meiji

Meiji chocolate is a household name across Japan. Interestingly, the same manufacturer behind the beloved chocolates also happens to produce the newest cult product you need to have if you care about health and beauty, Meiji Amino Collagen Powder.

This amino collagen powder is coveted by discerning shoppers looking to improve their apperance. The collagen promises to help with cell renewal and prevent signs of aging, as well as promoting healthy hair, nails, and skin. As if that were not enough, the magic drink is said to improve liver and kidney function too. Fans swear the powder gives them glowing, fresher-looking skin. Besides the beautifying effects of collagen, the hyaluronic acid content is said to improve skin's moisture retention.

Just make sure to mix the powder into soups or drinks, as on its own it is definitely not tasty!

5. Shiseido Must Haves for Your Beauty Stash

While Japan abounds in cosmetic products that have gained fans worldwide, there are specific Shiseido products that you should not miss when visiting. Shiseido's Ibuki skincare line and make-up have a glowing reputation among beauty enthusiasts, but if there is one affordable Shiseido product you ought to bring home, it has to be the best-selling Shiseido's curlash. Proven to be long-lasting, it is so popular that most Japanese drugstores carry this beauty kit staple.

4. Cool Style with Bathing Ape

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If you are looking for truly cool street wear, such as sneakers, sweaters, shirts, or shades, Bathing Ape (also known as Bape) is the one-stop shop for trendy and hip Japanese brand items. A favorite of world-renowned Steve Aoki , this brand's street fashion is provocative without being crass. Although a youngster in the fashion world, founded in 1993, Bape has grabbed the attention of fashionistas in Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Taipei, Paris, Bangkok, and Singapore. If you want to get your hands on pieces only available in Japan, head to Bapexclusive in Tokyo's trendy Aoyama district or Kawaramachi in Kyoto.

3. Man Up with Takeo Kikuchi

〈TAKEO KIKUCHI × HARRIS ELLIOTT × CA4LA〉 世界中から選りすぐった帽子を紹介するセレクトショップであり、メイドインジャパンの帽子を作り続ける日本のハットメーカー「CA4LA」、菊池武夫とも親交の深いロンドンのスタイリスト ハリス・エリオット、そしてTAKEO KIKUCHIのトリプルコラボレーションによるハット。 帽子への愛着が深い菊池武夫がデザインしたポークパイハットをCA4LA FACTORYで新たに型を起こし、現代的なシルエットで再構築。完成したハットに、ハリス・エリオットがロンドンの蚤の市で探してきたヴィンテージのピンバッチをあしらい、ルードな雰囲気がより色濃く反映された仕上がりに。 ピンバッチはヴィンテージのため、1点1点違うデザインになるスペシャルアイテムです。 TAKEO KIKUCHI渋谷明治通り本店にて数量限定で発売中になります。 Porkpie Hat ¥27,000(in tax) @ca4la_official @harriselliott @ktakeo @takeokikuchi_official #takeokikuchi #タケオキクチ #菊池武夫 #ca4la #コラボレーション #porkpiehat #ポークパイハット #japan #tokyo #uk #london

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Dapper gentlemen know that the number one style rule when wearing suits is to make sure that the cut is perfect. A suit may have a 1000 dollar price tag, but if the cut is wrong it will look cheap. While tailoring is always an option, there's something special about the off-the-rack items of Takeo Kikuchi , as every item seems to have a flattering cut.

A staple among Japanese professionals, if you're looking for suits, pullovers, jackets, and most anything sleek and stylish, Takeo Kikuchi should be a stop during your shopping adventures. Get Savile Row style with Japanese quality and creativity.

2. Go for the Classic Kitamura

Some fashion brands have become classics thanks to their versatile designs. If you want a unique alternative to the now ubiquitous Longchamp tote bags, you need to have a Kitamura in your closet.

Kitamura has been one of Japan's premiere leather goods brands since 1882. They are known for their bags, shoes, and accessories for men and women. In typical Japanese style, Kitamura designs are not flamboyant and over-the-top, so they are good for collectors who like elegant simplicity. Younger fashionistas are sure to be charmed by their cute dog-themed collection.

But the best thing about Kitamura is that they can do color customization, and even offer maintenance with a lifetime warranty. Talk about true Japanese quality!

1. Hunt for a Pair of Harutas

#HARUTA 東京ソラマチ店 2018年6月13日(水)まで、東京スカイツリータウン2Fに期間限定オープン! ________________________________ ハルタ (HARUTA)の期間限定ショップが、東京ソラマチにオープンしました。 ハルタの代名詞であるローファーをはじめ、婦人、紳士、ファッション雑貨と幅広い品揃えでラインナップ。 スタッフ一同、ご来店心よりお待ちしております! ________________________________ 【概要】 HARUTA Limited SHOP オープン日:2018年3月31日(土) 住所:東京都墨田区押上1-1-2 東京スカイツリータウン ソラマチ2F 営業時間:10:00〜21:00 ________________________________ #haruta #ハルタ #haruta東京ソラマチ店 #東京スカイツリー #ソラマチ #押上 #leathershoes #革靴 #shoes #シューズ #madeinjapan #日本製 #fashion #instafashion #足元倶楽部 #あしもと倶楽部 #置き画 #置き画くら部 #お洒落さんと繋がりたい #お洒落な人と繋がりたい #ladiesfashion #レディースファッション #ladiesshoes

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This brand first gained popularity as the standard shoe worn by every Japanese high schooler. Haruta's reputation for creating hard-wearing and timeless footwear is well-earned, as their shoes stand up to daily wear and tear from students across Japan. Moving beyond the schoolhouse and into the world of fashion, the company has added more designs to its roster, still promising the same quality leather and classic design. If you dig loafers, slip-ons and dressy shoes, make sure to hunt for a pair of Haruta kicks when in Japan.