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Take a Peek at Ghibli Theme Park Concept Art!

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If you're a Studio Ghibli fan who:s already been to the Ghibli Museum too many times to count, get ready to head over to Aichi Prefecture’s Nagakute City, where a Ghibli theme park is in the works. We now have a glimpse of the first official concept art!

Greeting guests at the entrance will be a partial recreation of Howl’s Moving Castle, with steampunk elevators taking visitors into the park itself and onto a raised viewing platform. Expansive views will also be offered from the balconies of a full-size replica of the Chikyu-ya antique shop from Whisper of the Heart.

The real-life version of the house in which sisters Mei and Satsuki live in My Neighbor Totoro, which was originally built for the 2005 World’s Fair in Nagakute, is slated to be part of the “Totoro’s Hometown” area, and Nagoya-based broadcaster Tokai TV is also reporting that guests to the Ghibli Park will be able to visit the house in which little witch Kiki, of Kiki’s Delivery Service, grew up.

While not specified in any written or verbal statement, more hints at what might be found in the park can be seen in the concept art in the above and below tweets, which show a Princess Mononoke zone where you can climb onto a cursed boar god or take a break at a feudal-era teahouse, as well as a building with the words “Cat Bus” conspicuously painted on the exterior (dare we dream that the Ghibli Park will include a ridable Cat Bus?!).

The inclusion of a run-of-the-mill spinning teacup ride notwithstanding, the concept art is brimming with the distinctive Ghibli aesthetic, and the only serious complaint we have is that the park isn’t projected to open until 2022.

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