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Is That the Akira Cityscape?!

Photography Airport Osaka Mie

While cityscapes continually claim the top nocturnal sightseeing spots, there’s one talented photographer who’s drawing our attention away from the twinkling lights of the city and toward two surprising new locations: factories and airports. While the places might seem ordinary, the images are some of the most stunning we’ve ever seen.

These beautiful photos are the work of award-winning Japanese amateur photographer Takahiro Bessho. While his portfolio includes stunning daytime scenes of tourist spots like Kyoto, alongside events like hot-air balloon rides and local festivals, Bessho says his current forte is photographing airplanes, fireworks and factories. Take a look at some of his gorgeous images below!

Osaka International Airport is Bessho’s favourite destination for plane-spotting. He remains humble in his ability, saying he likes to photograph planes because, if he makes a mistake, another one will be arriving or taking off shortly, which allows him to hone his technique.

His night shots of factories in Yokkaichi, in Mie Prefecture, are equally impressive. While the illuminated buildings make for a pretty sight in the evenings, it’s the skill of the photographer that really brings out their colors, making these appear like grand, illustrated stills from a Japanese anime film.

Who knew runways and factories could be so beautiful? To check out more of Bessho’s beautiful photography, be sure to visit his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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