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See Tottori Cherry Blossoms at their Best

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Kurayoshi City is located in the center of Tottori Prefecture, the region with some of the earliest evidence of human settlement in Japan. The prefecture is perhaps most famous for the sand dunes on its eastern edge, but Kurayoshi itself is also known for its historical merchant district.

In the spring, cherry blossoms bloom across the city, as can be seen in this charming video released by Mihi Marketing. Captured with the cherry blossoms at their fullest bloom, or mankai (満開), we get a chance to pass through Utsubuki Park (打吹公園・Utsubuki Koen), hover over the weeping shidare-zakura at Gokuraku-ji Temple (極楽寺・Gokuraku-ji), and then glide along the Egedani River (会下谷川・Egedani-gawa), which slides up to meet the two branches of the Tenjin River (天神川・Tenjin-gawa) near the city's eastern edge.

Opened in 1958, the Kurayoshi Line (倉吉線・Kurayoshi-sen) once ran southwest from Kurayoshi Station all the way to Yamamori Station, which lies on the approach to Mount Daisen (大山・Daisen), the tallest mountain in the Chugoku region. While the trains stopped running in 1985, cherry trees now bloom along a bicycle path where the tracks once ran, offering a new and beautiful way to experience this long-traveled route.