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Tokyo Tower 'Top Deck Tour' Now Open

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Then it’s time to enter another exclusive area, stepping inside a glass-paneled elevator that takes you up to the highest viewing platform in the tower.

Once you step out into the Top Deck area, you’re surrounded by a bright interior with geometric mirrors interlaid with LED lighting on the walls and ceiling, to reflect the scene outside and enhance the feeling of being in a “futuristic metropolis”. Internationally renowned Japanese interior designer and spatial artist Kaz Shirane created the interior based on a “projecting the future of Tokyo” design concept.

The view from this point is even more expansive than the scene from the Main Deck.

Each guest can enjoy free use of a multilingual voice guide system containing 13 languages. It provides extra information about the area, including the location of landmarks like the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Disney Resort and Mount Fuji.

After enjoying the Top Deck space and its gorgeous views, it’s time to head down to the Main Deck area once again, being sure to soak up the scene from the glass-walled elevator.