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What Your Fave Final Fantasy Says About You

Gaming Final Fantasy

In the last 30-odd years there have been almost as many Final Fantasy games as there are types of people on earth. Which Final Fantasy is your favorite might just say something about who you are as a person!

Final Fantasy I

You show unwavering dedication to even the most menial of tasks. Also, you are approaching 40.

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II

While you excel at following instruction, you show a rebellious streak from time to time. You think beavers are adorable.

Final Fantasy III

While you enjoy variety and keeping your options open, you recognize the importance of perseverance, and you'll be able to settle down in the end.

Final Fantasy IV

You look for the good in everyone. You believe there's always another chance, and nobody is beyond redemption.

Final Fantasy V

You like to try everything on the menu—sometimes all at once! However, you have difficulty settling down, and the people in your life feel somehow interchangeable.

Final Fantasy VI

You love getting to know people, and enjoy hearing the details of their lives. You also have a deep interest in world affairs, and take politics very seriously.

Final Fantasy VII

You have a strong sense of purpose. However, you like to take your time getting to your destination, ensuring that you've experienced all there is to experience on the way.

Final Fantasy VIII

You consider yourself a non-traditionalist. Often exhibiting great patience, you see yourself as a more mature person, largely disinterested in trifles.

Final Fantasy IX

You love adventure and don't give a fig about social standing—yours or anyone else's. But you'll always be there to do what's right for your friends.

Final Fantasy X

You are a hopeless romantic. Whatever the goal, however impossible, you will hold onto it with both hands and never let go.

Final Fantasy XI

While you enjoy working in groups, you also need freedom to choose your own path and explore. You also like being on the cutting edge of technology.

Final Fantasy XII

You excel at multitasking and keeping an eye on every little thing going on around you. Highly adaptable even when things go wrong, you're known to keep your cool in fast-changing, real-time scenarios.

Final Fantasy XIII

You prefer to have things clearly laid out for you. When things get tough, you like to just put your head down and power through—though if it doesn't work the first time, you'll quickly adapt and try again.

Final Fantasy XIV

Although you've made some mistakes, you believe these are only temporary setbacks that will lead to true magic one day. While you may be a bit of an introvert, you know you're at your best surrounded by like-minded friends willing to go through hellfire together.

Final Fantasy XV

On the surface, you might come off as shallow or spoiled, completely unconcerned about the future. You're on top of all the new trends in fashion and music, staying "sharp err'day" while Instagramming every meal. However, you know that in the end, the only treasure you can take with you is the bonds with your best friends.

So what kind of person are you? Does it line up with your favorite Final Fantasy? Do you completely disagree? Let us know in the comments below!