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Stay in Shinagawa for Planes & Bullet Trains

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Stay in Shinagawa for Planes & Bullet Trains

Shinagawa Prince Hotel (品川プリンスホテル) is located just west of Shinagawa Station, making it a popular stopover hotel for people on their way into or out of Tokyo.

There are a number of benefits to Shinagawa: it's less than 20 minutes to Haneda Airport International Terminal on the Keikyu Airport Line (京急空港線・Keikyu Kuko-sen), the Shinkansen bullet train stops here, and there are four regular JR lines running through the station as well—including the Yamanote, which loops around all of central Tokyo.

The station area offers access to movie theaters, bowling, the Aqua Park Shinagawa (アクアパーク品川) aquarium and other entertainment facilities. The hotel itself boasts 24 karaoke rooms and nine restaurants—though you'll want to give yourself some time to eat in the morning, as they'll all likely be crowded!

For a utilitarian hotel, the rooms also offer a decent view of Shinagawa Station at night. And since it's right across the street from the station, you can't do better for access!