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'DC Super Heroes vs Eagle Talon' Trailer

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DC Super Heroes vs Eagle Talon will premiere on October 21, 2017, nearly one month before the new Justice League movie is scheduled to premiere in Japan on November 18.

First launched in 2006, Eagle Talon is a Flash anime centered around an incompetent secret society aiming to take over the world. The series—which has already spawned a number of movies—is the brainchild of "director/writer/character designer/sound recording engineer/Flash animator/editor/voice actor" Frogman.

The tongue-in-cheek story for DC Super Heroes vs Eagle Talon revolves around the Joker coming to Japan to steal the Eagle Talon Society's secret weapons. However, Eagle Talon ends up preoccupied with finding out what's up with Batman and keeping track of the production budget, which has mostly gone to DC's licensing fees.