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FEMM: My Revolution/Konyaha Boogie Back

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Mannequin rap duo FEMM have launched an '80s/'90s Japanese culture revival project called 80s/90s J-Pop Revival. The first work from the project is a double-A-sided digital cover single of Misato Watanabe's My Revolution (originally released 1986) and Konyaha Boogie Back (Nice Vocal) released by Kenji Ozawa featuring Scha Dara Parr in 1994. The cover tracks include members of FAKY and Yup'in from the all-girl rap group FAMM'IN, of which FEMM is also a member.

Released September 13, 2017, the digital single also sneaks in one original track, Falling For A Lullaby, done in a pastiche of the early '80s London New Wave style. The track has already been picked up for a TV commercial for Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza.

Just as intriguingly, the release is accompanied by a series of '80s/'90s anime/manga-style illustrations that offer a clear nod to Katsuhiro Otomo's '80s groundbreaker, Akira. The illustrations are curated by up-and-coming Japan-inspired illustrators, including Max Prentis from London, Josan from Spain (who also designs Metallica's concert posters), Dobu Haishen from L.A., and Taiwan’s LiLi.

Check out the illustrations on FEMM's Instagram, and check out the single below!