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Impress House Guests With Toilet Paper Origami

Toilets Origami

Take your hospitality skills to the next level with toilet paper origami!

Hotel and restaurant bathrooms have really done a number on us by introducing a new level of hospitality through toilet paper etiquette. When the next sheet of paper on the roll is folded into a neat triangular point, we’re made to feel that extra bit special, safe in the knowledge that the area has recently been attended to, as if the place was just done up in anticipation of our arrival.

One lady in the United States has taken the triangular toilet paper fold to a whole new level, incorporating traditional Japanese origami concepts to produce a book of cute, funny and surprisingly beautiful designs to dress up the toilet roll in your bathroom. From swans to candles, who knew toilet paper could be so adorable?

Linda Wright, the mastermind behind these clever designs, was initially inspired by a visit to an upscale bathroom, where she had an encounter with a toilet sheet folded into a fancy fan. Fascinated, she ripped off the sheet and put it in her handbag to study later at home. Hundreds of rolls later, and with dozens of new design ideas, Wright has released a book called, Toilet Paper Origami. We’ve chosen some of her stunning designs—including the eloquently named Bodacious Bow, Fandangle and Swimming Swan, as well as the festive Reindeer and Celebration Cake—to share with you.

Next time you’re preparing for a house guest or just wanting to surprise the next visitor to the toilet stall, why not try some simple toilet paper origami techniques? Your designs might inspire a new generation of toilet paper artistes!

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