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Say Sayonara to Instant Ramen

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Officially called the O-Uchi de Ramenya (“Ramen Restaurant in your Home”), this Easy-Make Ramen toy is perfect for those who don’t feel too confident in their kitchen skills. For many of us, the thought of making our own ramen is daunting, but with this kit everything from the assembly to literally cranking out the noodles is really simple!

For those who are worried about special ingredients that might be required by this “machine,” you don’t have to fret; it’s already stuff you should have in your kitchen: hard flour/bread flour (300 grams) or all-purpose flour (400 grams), soft flour/pastry flour (100 grams), water (about 190 grams), salt (8 grams), and two eggs.

This video from Mega House details the exact ingredients and provides a step-by-step guide to making delicious ramen noodles. The noodle maker even comes with three types of cutters to give your homemade noodles various sizes of thickness. There is also a way to turn your very straight noodles into curly noodles.

You can buy one of these handy toys online from Amazon for about ¥3,200 or US$50.00 to enjoy in your own home with your family. Happy noodling!

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