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Forget Frills! Get Your Pet Some Samurai Armor

Samurai Pets

While it’s been over 150 years since the heyday of the samurai class, the fascination with them lives on. The talented craftsmen at Samurai Age are doing their part to honor samurai tradition with handmade, high-quality samurai armor for you and your pets. And this pet armor is constructed from light plastic that the company claims can be worn for long stretches of time without tiring out its wearer. So although your pet will probably not be protected from any katana sword strikes, they will at the very least feel both badass and comfortable.

Check out even more awesome and equally adorable pics of pets in armor at Spoon & Tamago and find out how to order one for Fido today. And, just in case you missed it above, you can order a set of armor for yourself too!

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