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Robot Restaurant Serving up Epic Entertainment

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There are a ton of quirky things to do in Tokyo. You can have dinner while playing 90s video games or enjoy the quintessential maid cafe experience. Or you can take it even one step further and watch scantily clad girls ride 12-foot-tall steel horses as live stuffed animals prance around the stage at the Robot Restaurant!

Follow the Flashing Lights to Kabukicho

Follow the Flashing Lights to Kabukicho

I wanted to spend my last night in Tokyo doing something that I would never forget, so I headed to the legendary Robot Restaurant solo. The Maps app on my iPhone gave me easy and accurate directions, but, still, it’s pretty hard to miss Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho area, a place known as the red-light district. You walk through the street's brightly lit archway and enter into a different world, where girly clubs mix with love hotels, bars and eateries. When you've reached the rainbow of lights with music blaring in the background, you have arrived.

This Show Is Sensory Overload (in a Good Way)!

From the very first minute, it’s a chaotic and fabulous extravaganza that goes beyond the typical robots. Lady drummers pound, clown-like characters perform, sexy girls dance, over-sized stuffed pandas wave glow sticks and, yes, there are some robots! This is the Robot Restaurant Show! It’s like the Thunderdome movie came to life with a little bit of Ninja Turtles and panda bears mixed in and they met up with Lady Gaga—it had a little bit of everything!

While the video above gives you a peek, you won't believe just how amazing, over-the-top and exciting Robot Restaurant is inside. Follow along with Annette's full adventure (and learn her secrets to getting discount tickets) by clicking on the link to Bucket List Journey below.

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